The Founder

– Walter Moyo –

Walter Moyo hails from Malawi in South-Eastern Africa. He obtained his nursing degree from the University of Malawi and worked in Malawi for 3 years before moving to the US in 2018. He is licensed in both the country of Malawi and the US state of New Mexico. Walter took his US nursing council licensure exams (NCLEX) in India as at that time, there was no NCLEX testing center in Africa.

In the US, Walter works as a traveling nurse, which involves going to work in different cities and states for short periods of time. Walter is an avid lover of traveling. He intends to visit every single US state and has covered 21 states so far.

Apart from a degree in nursing, Walter has two masters degrees in public health and eHealth management

Walter’s experience as an internationally-educated nurse has given him extensive knowledge of the processes involved in transferring foreign nursing qualifications to the US. His traveling experiences and zeal have shaped the foundation for GoNursing. He would like to see more Americans going outside the country to attain their nursing degrees and coming back informed by diverse perspectives.

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