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General Questions

1. What is GoNursing?

GoNursing is a US-licensed company which connects people living in America and are interested in studying nursing, with foreign-based universities that offer credible nursing education at very small fractions of US tuition prices (such as only $2000 per year).

2. How does your business model work?

We have made partnerships with nursing schools in several countries. We get you placement in these schools. We are open to working with both individuals who would like to study nursing and institutions such as hospitals and staffing agencies, who may want to sponsor people to study nursing under our program and eventually work for them.

3. What countries do you work in?

We are always working to identify new universities to partner with in different countries. We primarily target English speaking countries which have universities offering affordable and reputable nursing programs that are eligible for recognition and licensure in the US. Due to our underlying objectives, cost-effectiveness is a major factor and therefore we generally do not have partnerships in countries where studying nursing is expensive. Our partner universities at the moment are located in Malawi, Zambia and Uganda. We may expand to other countries in various regions of the world that meet our criteria of low cost, English-speaking status and acceptability of education.

4. How recognized are these qualifications?

We only work with institutions offering qualifications equivalent to the US 4-year BSN, guaranteeing eligibility for licensure in the US.

5. How do internationally-educated nurses get licensed in the US?

Foreign-educated nurses get licensed in the US by writing the national council licensure exam (NCLEX), the official exam for nurses in the US. It is the same for US-educated nurses. The main difference is that foreign-educated nurses have to do other minor steps such as sending proof of their qualifications being equivalent to the US standard. Institutions such as Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) and others exist to vet internationally-attained nursing qualifications before licensure in the US can be sought. Other specific requirements are minor and they vary by the state in which licensure is sought.

We have checked and confirmed that the schools we partner with meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, people who study at these schools we partner with are easily eligible for US licensure.

6. What is it like studying abroad?

Studying abroad can be both exciting and challenging. The advantages include the exposure to exciting new places/ cultures and making long-lasting relationships with others. Studying abroad also comes with a perspective change, which broadens a person’s understanding of the world. As in any aspect of life, studying abroad may pose some challenges. With proper planning and organization, any challenge associated with overseas study can be mitigated. Thousands of American students study abroad every year and the vast majority of them do so successfully.

At GoNursing, we provide contact people who may be locals or Americans living in that country, to help the students settle. They may also occasionally organize trips and other leisure events for the students.

7. How safe is it to study in these countries?

Every country in the world has different circumstances. GoNursing looks at a country’s safety profile and tries to partner with institutions in countries which are generally safe. Most people who have not been to Africa may have wrong generalizations such as thinking it’s entirely unsafe. However, that is inaccurate. Africa is made of 55 distinct countries with vastly different political and economic circumstances. Malawi for example, where the GoNursing founder hails from, is (statistically speaking) much safer than the United States. The same is true about the other countries we work in. We also take into account US travel advisories to avoid countries with high rates of crime. However, we urge our clients to take general precautions that any reasonable person would take in any city in the world.

8. What are your terms and conditions?

Our clients can be either individuals wanting to study nursing, or institutions wanting to sponsor people to get nursing qualifications and work for them. We require that applicants be US high school graduates, be willing to sign acceptance documents and be willing to study abroad. Since the decision to live far from home can be a key decision, we require that applicants be at least 18 years of age. We apply to the programs on your behalf. In addition, we charge an application fee of $75, refundable if we are unable to get you admission. This fee is non refundable if you we get you admission, even if you change your mind about studying at the institution.

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