We are a new company focused on helping Americans study for high quality nursing degrees abroad at affordable rates while also learning new cultures. The US has very expensive college fees. Nursing is an in-demand profession but a nursing bachelors in the US can cost anywhere between $40,000 and $120,000 or even more to complete. Getting your nursing degree shouldn’t have to be so expensive. We connect potential nursing students from the US with overseas nursing schools that cost as low as $2000 per year!


Nursing shortages are ever on the rise in the US. There’s a high demand for nurses due to a myriad of factors such as the demographic shift, many nurses retiring and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite nursing being a sought-after and well-paying profession in the US, the need for nurses in the US remains unmet. Part of the reason for this is the expensive costs of nursing school in the US. Nursing schools in the US can be competitive to get into as well. We decided to do something about this by founding GoNursing. We conceptualized a model that could help students save costs by up to 90%, while abroad— attaining degrees that would have equal recognition in the US.

Another factor that drove us to create this was the lack of cultural sensitivity among nurses in the US. In the 21ST century highly globalized world, nurses must provide services tailored to the needs of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is paradoxical that the US—itself a highly diverse country—has some people (including some nurses) who lack acceptable transcultural interaction skills. Americans in general are accused by Europeans and others for not knowing much about other countries. Some of the ridicule of Americans may be exaggerated, but it is true that open-mindedness is an important character to have in this century. There are people in America who still think that Africa is one country, or that Africans live in bushes with elephants, and other grossly uninformed beliefs along those lines. The existence of beliefs like these underline the importance of having a sufficient amount of general knowledge about world affairs. GoNursing aims to help change this, alongside helping curb US nurse shortages. This program was founded on the premise of helping to educate open-minded nurses who will serve people in the US while being respectful of each person’s unique background and being cognizant about events happening in the outer world.


At GoNursing, we believe that education should be affordable and accessible to all. We seek to connect US citizens with nursing schools which we partner with in other countries, and which provide US-recognized nursing degrees at as low as 10% of the US costs.


Our model offers the following benefits…


Extreme Affordability

Our partner nursing schools provide degrees for an average of only $2000 to $3000 per year. That’s just a fraction of the $10,000 to $30,000 annual tuition costs charged by US-based 4-year BSN programs. We know, our program sounds too good to be true.


Easy Admission Process

Just send us your documents and leave the rest to us. We’ll get you into a foreign, high-quality nursing program that’s recognized in the US. We have already made partnerships with nursing schools in different countries. All you need to do is contact us. If we can’t get you admission, we refund your application fee. We’ve made nursing school admission as easy as sending a text. Literally.


Explore a New Culture

The United States is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse places in the world. Yet Americans are often accused of knowing too little about the rest of the world. Also, an awful lot of nurses in the US lack people-skills. The modern world is a global community. Working as a nurse today requires trans-cultural skillsets. Our program not only gets you into a nursing degree, but also allows you to explore a new country and culture to prepare you for the highly evolving task of delivering culturally sensitive nursing services back in the US. What’s more…seeing a new country is fun, too! We send you to English-speaking countries that offer high quality degrees in the English language.


Saves You From Debt

The US educational debt is over $1.5 trillion. Millions of Americans are trapped in educational debt. Our program offers a pathway to a nursing program that is so inexpensive that you (or your parents) can pay for. We get you admission into highly affordable BSN programs, which you’re likely to afford paying for without piling up hectic student loans.


US-Recognized Degrees

All our partner nursing schools offer programs that are recognized back here in the US. We’ve carefully selected the institutions we partner with to ensure that their curricula are in alignment with US accepted standards. With us, you’re guaranteed of eligibility for licensure as a registered nurse in the US. You pay less for your degree but get exactly the same title and privileges as your colleagues who paid piles of money to get theirs from US institutions. What a win!


Fast Career Advancement

Employers in the US prefer bachelors-prepared nurses over associates degree nurses these days. Our program gets you direct entry into a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN), so you don’t have to waste time (and money) with upgrading your qualifications. Don’t be stuck in time. We know you don’t have any time to waste.


Client Support

We provide you with the right tools to help you settle and cope in a new country. We also provide connections with American citizens living in the country you will be studying in. They can welcome you on arrival, make you feel at home and organize excursions so you can also have great balance between education and leisure. We also provide the contact numbers of emergency service providers for your convenience.


As US-based RNs ourselves, we believe that this country is so great! But there’s still much more to see out there in the rest of the world. Nursing in the US is a rewarding career. But US-based BSN degrees are expensive. Wouldn’t it be smart to train as a nurse overseas at only 5 to 10% of the US cost while enjoying life in a new country without having to worry about student debt? With this program you will have the same privileges as US-trained RNs but without going through the same hassles. Think about it.

Meet The Founder

Walter Moyo hails from Malawi in South-Eastern Africa. He obtained his nursing degree from the University of Malawi and worked in Malawi for 3 years before moving to the US in 2018. He is licensed in both the country of Malawi and the US state of New Mexico. Walter took his US nursing council licensure exams (NCLEX) in India as at that time, there was no NCLEX testing center in Africa.

In the US, Walter works as a traveling nurse, which involves going to work in different cities and states for short periods of time. Walter is an avid lover of traveling. He intends to visit every single US state and has covered 21 states so far.

Apart from a degree in nursing, Walter has two masters degrees in public health and eHealth management

Walter’s experience as an internationally-educated nurse has given him extensive knowledge of the processes involved in transferring foreign nursing qualifications to the US. His traveling experiences and zeal have shaped the foundation for GoNursing. He would like to see more Americans going outside the country to attain their nursing degrees and coming back informed by diverse perspectives.

Walter Moyo


Providing Affordable Nursing Education Is Our Mission

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